5 Cannabis Cultivation Consultation Companies Operating Nationwide

cannabis cultivation consultants 1
cannabis cultivation consultants 1

What good is a cannabis dispensary if there is no cannabis to stock it? While much attention in the industry is being paid to creative ancillary products, quality grown flower still powers everything. This is a tough industry to succeed in so maximizing efficiency and yields can still be the difference between shutting your doors or becoming a cannabis success story. Check out these 5 growing consulting companies offering their services in states across the country that have legalized cannabis.

Grow Contractors


Grow Contractors works with legal states across the country. They can offer assistance with both indoor and outdoor setups. For indoor spaces, Grow Contractors claims to average approximately 2-3 lbs per 1000W HPS light. They can even come up with a customized plan for your grow operation within 72 hours. Grow Contractors also helps businesses locate a suitably zoned property for their operation.


Let It Grow Consulting

Joey Ereñeta operates Let It Grow and has about 22 years of cannabis growing experience. He is currently the Lead Horticulture Instructor at Oakstradam University. Let It Grow Consulting works with all states that have legalized cannabis and even provides services in Canada. They also offer design and educational services as well as assistance in applying for permits to operate.


Emerald Elite Consulting

Emerald Elite Consulting team has over 40 years of cannabis cultivation experience. Their goal is to teach cultivators how to maximize efficiency and yields. They offer on-site consultation in order to customize your grow operation. Emerald Elite focuses on pest and mold prevention as well as water, soil, and mineral analysis. Emerald Elite also specializes in preserving and eliminating cannabis waste, thereby saving clients big money.


Optimal Growth

Optimal Growth focuses on both improving grow operations and business development for cultivators. One thing that sets Optimal Growth apart is their ability to help with securing and screening investors. They can evaluate your business plan and potential investors and help ensure your operation will be profitable. Optimal Growth also provides assistance with employee training, security systems, and packaging/labelling requirements.


Pinnacle Consultation

The members of Pinnacle Consultation started humbly, working as growers at a single dispensary. Soon they branched out and have helped turn around many cannabis grows and dispensaries. They offer cultivation and business consultation but can also assist clients with starting up grow operations at home. Many consumers are interested in knowing exactly where and how their cannabis is grown so they can be sure no pesticides or other harmful additives have been used. Over the course of the long-term, consumers even stand to save money by cultivating their own supply.