4 New Horticulture Products to Help Your Grow in January

Green Diamond Coco Fiber Grow Slabs 2 cc web
Green Diamond Coco Fiber Grow Slabs 2 cc web

Whether you are an MG (master grower) or taking up a new hobby, we have some horticulture products that should help you reach maximum yields. Below, check out our four-pack of new horticultural products for January.

Air Pot Propagation Cells, horticulture, cannabis1) Air-Pot Propagation Cells

Air-Pot’s propagation cells are the perfect way to pot cuttings or germinate seedlings. Cuttings are ready to plant within two to three weeks. Plant directly in the garden or any size Air-Pot, depending upon the size of plant and grow cycle you desire. Plants will not suffer transplanting shock. Volume: 0.3 gallon to 1.02 liter. Air-Pot.us



Farmaceuticals Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment, cannabis, horticulture2) Farmaceuticals Premium Alpaca Soil Amendment

This all-natural soil amendment uses a trademarked additive scientifically formulated to balance the soil’s pH level for optimal plant growth and health. Volume: 20 qt. Net Weight: 25 lb. Coverage Area: 125 sq. ft. FarmaceuticalsInternational.com


Green Diamond Coco Fiber Grow Slabs, horticulture, cannabis3) Green Diamond Coco Fiber Grow Slabs

Coco slabs offer versatile texture with good drainage. As a hydroponic medium, they allow feeding to be controlled by the cultivator. As an amender, they complement microbiology in any soil while providing micronutrients, aeration, and water retention. GDCocoFiber.com


OBSCURA Blackout Screens, horticulture, cannabis4) Svensson OBSCURA Blackout Screens

Svensson screens can be used under all types of greenhouse cover. Their unique knitted structure reduces condensation and allows them to be bundled to a small size for maximum available light. For controlling day length, the double-layered OBSCURA 10075 FR AB+B provides 99.9-percent blackout—enough for the most sensitive plants. Made from flame-retardant materials. LudvigSvensson.com