4 Cannabis Testing Labs Operating in Massachusetts

cannabis testing labs massachussets
cannabis testing labs massachussets
With sales of recreational cannabis finally up and running in Massachusetts, The Bay State is buzzing as customers line up for a chance to legally purchase flower and infused products. The new recreational shops, as well as the medicinal dispensaries that have been operating for several years, all have to consider where to test their products and flower. Check out these four cannabis testing labs operating in Massachusetts.
Evio Labs
Evio has cannabis testing labs in five states across the country. Evio is a national leader in cannabis science offers a range of services including cannabinoid and terpene profiling, pesticide and residual solvent screening, and microbiological testing. Evio also offers consultation services. They recently announced their plan to relocate their Massachusetts testing lab from Southboro to Framingham.
CDX Analytics
CDX Analytics prides itself on working with state regulators to ensure safety and compliance in all of their testing services. Currently, they are only working with medicinal cannabis dispensaries but also offer a range of consulting services for all businesses. Besides the testing services offered by other labs, CDX also offers transportation services and are able to pick up and drop off samples to your shop.
ProVerde Labs
ProVerde Labs is located in Milford and is currently working with medicinal cannabis dispensaries. They pride themselves on using the cutting edge technology to provide the most accurate results possible. ProVerde offers cannabis testing, consulting services, CBD testing, and even assistance in product development.
MCR Labs
MCR provides customers and patients with the most relevant information possible. They post testing results publically on their webpage so consumers can be sure they are purchasing quality products. Their testing services cover a wide range of areas including potency testing, heavy metal screenings, terpene profiling, cannabinoid profiling, and more. MCR was the first independent laboratory accredited by the state of Massachusetts.