Challenging and Enforcing Canna-Patents

With the continued growth and normalization of the cannabis industry, patent protection of cannabis innovations remains a key consideration for those working in the...
Herban Extracts Box Hippo Packaging mg Magazine

Sometimes the Packaging Is the Product

How many readers are over the age of 50? And how many are women? If you fall into these two categories, you’re in luck…this...

The Nose Knows: Sniffing Out the Scents of Wellness

There’s no question terpenes are a hot topic among both cannabis and mainstream retailers. How hot? Witness one of the 2018 seasonal drinks introduced...
Dispensary Conveniently Located Richard Cadan High Road Design Studio mg Magazine

Let’s Talk Privately: Design Consultation for your Consultation Room

In our previous session, we discussed the importance of creating a first and lasting impression in the lobby and check-in area. This space is...
increasing sales for dispensaries mg retailer

3 Unexpected Tips for Increasing the Bottom Line

The cannabis industry is becoming more competitive as new markets, companies, and innovations arrive. The industry was founded on outside-the-box thinking, and imagination and innovation...
branding marketing cannabis Randall Huft Innovate Agency mg magazine

Surviving the Harsh Realities of Branding

A few years ago, I had the privilege of speaking at a major cannabis conference about marketing and branding. The room was packed with...
terpenes mg magazine

LaCroix, Lawsuits, and Linalool: the Natural-Vs-Synthetic Terpene Debate

I’ve always been a vocal fan of LaCroix sparkling water. I drink so much of it my friends say I should own stock in...

Woolsey Fire Fundraiser Set for Feb. 15 in Downtown Los Angeles (UPDATED)

LOS ANGELES – Out of the Ashes, a fundraiser for victims of the recent Southern California fires, is set for Friday, February 15, in...
employee money mg magazine

How 401(k)s Can Benefit Cannabis Company Employees and Employers

As the cannabis industry matures and companies grow, acquiring and retaining talent is becoming more competitive. To adapt, companies must adopt incentives employees seek,...
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Making the Message Memorable: Marketing Tips for a Highly Regulated Industry

In a highly competitive industry, memorable brands win. Creating a lasting impression in consumers’ minds requires no small amount of outside-the-box thinking—not necessarily “out...