Brittny Peloquin Recommends Her Favorite Cannabis Products

The marketing manager for Phillips & King International dishes about the products she can't live without.

Brittny Peloquin, marketing manager for Phillips & King International Inc. mg Magazine March 2018

I’m obsessed with Petra Mints by KIVA. When I discovered micro-dosing, my whole consumption routine changed. Petra Mints are the ultra micro-dose—2.5 milligrams—which is perfect for anyone who wants to just dip a toe into trying cannabis.


I really like the Alpine flavored vapes. Also, Select Oil’s Social line nails the mellow high that I’m looking for on a regular basis. I always know what I’m in for with Select. I also like to keep my O.penVAPE CBD vape on hand for when anxiety gets the best of me or if I’ve had a little too much THC.


Cannadips blow my mind. It’s a small pouch that you put in your mouth, and the CBD is able to take effect a lot quicker than with edibles. Apothecanna’s Calming CBD Body Crème is magic. I carry a lot of tension in my neck, so I put it on most nights before bed. I like to run as a hobby, and it’s also effective for muscle soreness that I get from training for a big race.


I like pre-rolls, because they are a lot more convenient for me than traditional loose flower. Lola Lola and Lowell Herb both have beautiful branding and great-quality flower.”


I really love KushQueen’s bath bombs and Lit Kits. They make little kits of small doses of products like joints, a bath bomb, an edible, etc. It’s sort of like a sample pack that makes for a great gift or treating yourself to something special for the ultimate relaxation.

Brittny Peloquin in the marketing manager for Phillips & King International Inc., a one-stop for smoke shops. As the industry shifts and more stores stock accessories for cannabis users, Phillips & King is answering the needs of customers by expanding the company’s selection to include a wider variety of ancillary products for the market.