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Cannabis Dispensary Provides Employment to Eager Job Seekers

MedMen’s latest dispensary receives 1,500 applications for twenty positions. CULVER CITY, Calif–Cannabis firm MedMen will open its newest Southern California dispensary on Friday, June 30,...
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420 Parties Raise the Bar This Year

April 20 has become a national cannabis holiday with celebrations held all over. While we wish we could be everywhere at once, we were...
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A First-Timer’s Guide for Dispensaries, Patients and Customers

Everything old is new again – especially the cannabis consumer. Even old timers, steeped in the culture, have had a steep learning curve with...
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Visions from the City of Dreams

MedMen’s Andrew Modlin has designs on the U.S. cannabis industry. The job of an artist is to express vision by defining an experience, and then...
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Dispensing Wisdom With Budtender Donna Serrato of MedMen

Donna Serrato, 27, had worked for three Borders bookstores when the company declared bankruptcy in 2011. Wanting to find more stable employment in a...

How to Hire the Best Budtenders

With widening legalization, the emerging cannabis market will be putting its best foot forward, and that foot is likely to be attached to a...