4 Products to Help You Consume Cannabis Covertly

shutterstock 375210166
shutterstock 375210166

Parents, friends, and law enforcement may not always support your love for cannabis. It’s shedding stigmas, but many of us still want to be discreet when indulging. Check out these 4 products to help you smoke in secrecy.

smoke buddy, discreet products, products1) Smoke Buddy Personal Filter

Tired of blowing smoke out of a window or going on long walks to hide your fun? Smoke Buddy’s Personal Filter lets you indulge discreetly, wherever you want. Just exhale into the filter and (presto!) odorless smoke will come out the other end. It even comes as a keychain for when you’re on the run.


2) PUFFIT Portable Vaporizer

Puffing on a joint is a dead giveaway. But using an inhaler should not turn heads. The PUFFIT Portable Vaporizer is the perfect disguise when you are out and about. It can be used with both dry herb or waxes and can easily fit in your pocket. The PUFFIT vaporizer has a temperature control system so you can adjust it to match your personal preferences. This vape heats up very quickly and is ready for showtime in less than one minute. (vapornation.com)

cannaline, discreet products, products3) Cannaline Smell Proof Bags

If you can’t hide the smell of cannabis then the jig is up pretty quickly. Cannaline offers smell proof bags that meet federal standards for storing food, so your stash should be just fine. Cannaline also has child-resistant bags that have been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Many enjoy the smell of cannabis, but in this case, no scent smells even better!

Soda Can Safe, discreet products, products4) Stash Safe Warehouse Soda Can Safe

Sometimes the best hiding spots are in plain sight. We know that in some cases it’s preferable to get lectured on the perils of high-fructose corn syrup than to talk about your smoking habits with friends and family! This soda can safe from Stash Safe can hide your cannabis, even from nosy guests. Although a can of 7-UP is pictured, you can get these in just about any soda brand out there.