Mountain Rose Herbs Launches Grants

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Eugene, Oregon – Between now and August 1, 2018, Mountain Rose Herbs (MRH) will be accepting applications to its brand new Mountain Rose Herbs Giving Project. This program, funded entirely by MRH, will award three $4,000 grants to people or organizations that need extra assistance to bring their plant- or conservation-centric projects to fruition. The winning applicants will be announced by September 15, 2018.

Applicants must:


Create a video (under three minutes) that describes the project
Post their video to social media with the hashtag: #MRHgrants4plants
Fill out the Grant Application
Review complete application info and rules on the MRH website

Applications are open to anyone working on projects related to MRH’s mission, which includes projects focused on herbalism and herbal education, protection of native and medicinal plants, environmental stewardship, or organic and sustainable agriculture.

“As a mission-driven company, giving back to the communities that embrace and support us is incredibly important,” said project creator and MRH Customer Experience Director Irene Wolansky. “Although we regularly donate to nonprofit organizations and sponsor conservation and herbal events, we wanted to do more on a grassroots level. It only takes a small seed to grow into a massive old-growth tree, and in the same vein, there are awe-inspiring projects happening all around the US which just need a little assistance to help them grow into fruition.”

The Mountain Rose Herbs Giving Project was created with home herbalists, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations in mind. To be considered, projects must take place within the U.S. and have clearly defined goals with detailed action plans. Projects should be able to show tangible results and applicants will be required to submit a written project update and another 3-minute video within one year of receiving funds. Full qualifications and requirements can be found at