Comprehensive Cannabis Sleep Study Released by Sensi Products

Silicon Valley, Calif. – A new sleep survey just released from Sensi Products suggests that cannabis edibles might be a particularly helpful treatment for patients suffering from insomnia. The study surveyed 246 anonymous respondents and found that the majority of respondents (73%) preferred taking cannabis in the form of edibles to deal with their sleep issues – with a large majority (91%) of those who used cannabis edible reporting that they are effective for improving sleep.

Sensi Products, a California-based cannabis manufacturer with products geared toward helping with sleep (such as Sensi Chew Insomnia with THC and Sensi Chew Insomnia Plus with CBD) launched a new study in the hopes of gaining more insight into sleep issues and cannabis’ impact on them. “Over the past 5 years we’ve interviewed nearly two thousand consumers who struggle with insomnia and lack of sleep” explains Lisa Tollner, Co-Founder and CSMO at Sensi Products. “Most studies only scratched the surface and we wanted a deeper understanding of what the consumer is going through and why they are looking to cannabis as a possible solution which is an essential piece of the sleep puzzle.”


“This sleep study by Sensi Products produced some fascinating insights that we haven’t seen in past studies on cannabis and sleep. In particular, the high approval rating of cannabis edibles for sleep is an interesting result that should be followed up on. Future research should investigate whether cannabis edibles might provide an especially efficacious route to sleep improvements – as this study suggests” states Emily Earlenbaugh, PhD writer and cannabis educator.

Expanding on the work from previous sleep studies, this survey-based study looks at a variety of sleep related variables, such as sleep patterns, reasons for not sleeping, different types of cannabis use, use of other medications, and lifestyle factors like exercise and napping, with the intention of getting a more holistic picture of the factors impacting sleep.

In addition to highlighting edible’s efficacy for sleep, the study found that the majority of respondents (84%) who had used both cannabis and pharmaceutical sleep aids, said their sleep was better with cannabis, and described improved results when using cannabis options such as sleeping longer (74%), and enhanced happiness (56%), emotional balance (53%), productivity (51%), focus (46%), creativity (35%), memory (30%) and motor skills (24%).

Moreover, many of those who had tried Sensi Chews (70%), in particular, reported better sleep with Sensi Chews over other types of cannabis, reporting sleep improvements and fewer negative side effects than with cannabis in general.

About Sensi Products
Sensi Products is a licensed California-based edibles manufacturer. Their product line currently includes the family of Sensi Chews which are comprised of 9 variations containing THC and CBD and Sensi Caps CBD Softgels. Sensi Chew Insomnia with THC and Sensi Chew Insomnia Plus with CBD are the #1 sleep edibles in California with over 1 million units sold. Sensi Chews and Sensi Caps are sold in 250 dispensaries across the state.