CFN Media Launches Its Updated CannabisFN App for iOS

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CFN Media’s new iOS App is ready to install and use on your iPhone CannabisFN iOS app.
The new app makes it easy to view and consume daily news, stories, and videos of the most promising companies, executives, and investments shaping the worldwide cannabis industry.
The updated CannabisFN app is designed to give users a ‘daily cannabis brief’ of the most important news, stories, people and investments of the day in a visually appealing experience.
Users can swipe between content including exclusive video clips and stories to quickly align themselves with the dynamic and ever changing cannabis industry. The app also supports full screen video (viewing in landscape mode).
CFN Media will be launching an Android version of the app in the near-term, as well as other exciting tools and platforms for cannabis companies, investors and other market participants.
Install the CannabisFN iOS App for Free in the App Store.
Or visit our homepage and enter your mobile number under the Apple App Store logo to receive a download link text on your iPhone: