Dakota Sullivan, Cannabis Rep Network’s co-founder and CEO, brings a twist to the distribution game with his “sales tour” program. “The Cannabis Rep Network is currently the largest sales tour company in the industry,” said Dakota Sullivan, the company’s co-founder and chief executive officer. His unique “sales tour” idea works this way: CRN representatives schedule their visits with vendors in...


AirVape 1
This premium performance herbal vaporizer with LCD Display looks like phone with its lightweight and razor-thin design. The user-friendly device, equipped with variable temperature controls, comes with a luxurious retro leather holder—and a lifetime warranty. AIRVAPEUSA.COM

Prima Vape

PrimaVape 2b
Lustrous, modish, and handsome, this portable vape is best used with dry herbs but can also take concentrates. Even the hard-to-please Vape Critic gave Prima an 86 out of 100. VAPIR.COM

Apothecarry Case Humidor

ApothecarryCase 3
Add a dash of 007 panache to life with the Apothecarry case. The bespoke hardwood cannabis humidor system not only organizes flower and accessories (strains to the left, dabs to the right, papers, pipes and grinders on top) buy also a virtual showpiece to be set on any coffee table or counter. THEAPOTHECARRYCASE.COM


ZootDrops 1
What's a Zoot Drop? A new way to relax, kick back, and garden or run or bike. Simply add a few drops of the 10mg-infused liquid (Mandarin Lime High Energy blend or Relaxation blend) to your tea, water, or soda and you're on your way to a dependable high. ZOOTOLOGY.COM

Endoca CBD Oil

EndocaOil 3
With a wide range of products—CBD extract, CBD capsules, CBD suppositories—Endoca promises to unlock the secrets of nature with clean, chemical-free extraction methods that result in an exceptionally high level of purity. The company's motto: "Your health and the health of the environment are our first priorities." ENDOCA.COM


Hepburns 12
For "strong" premium ice water hash pre-rolls in California, look no further than Hepburns. Flower sourced from responsible farmers and packaged in hip tin cans—like sardines!—comes in either the Petite five-pack or the Deluxe, mammoth glass-tipped joints. Hip, robust—and solventless. HEPBURNS.COM

Lexaria Energy Bars

LexariaEnergyBar 2
The world's first gluten-free energy bar fortified with hemp oil has bene developed. Whether it's the pre-workout Cashew Berry Date (10 grams of protein) or the post-workout Chocolate Berry Date (21 grams of protein/13 grams of fiber) the bars are packed with energy, natural sugar, and Omega 3 and 6 amino acids. LEXARIAENERGYFOODS.COM


Spliffin 1
The Company offers their signature THC extracts in two standardized potency concentrates: Spliffin Pure and Spliffin Blondes. This variety of therapeutic THC doses enables Spliffin to cater to a broad spectrum of medical needs and consumer preferences. SPLIFFIN.COM


TrimBin 1
After many years of research and development, California's HarvestMore has created what its product designers believe to be "the best two-tier trim tray on the market." Featuring wide, rounded edges to prevent wrist pain, high walls, a stackable design, and a 150-micron stainless steel screen, the TrimBin may be the new go-to trim tray. HARVEST-MORE.COM