What's a DabDish, you ask? Well, the good folks at 420 Science have created the perfect dish for your sticky dabber as well as your concentrates (it now comes with two chambers). The sleek green and black dishes now come in large and small sizes. 420SCIENCE.COM

Weed Wipes

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With cleaning products ranging from bong/pipe brushes to vape stem brushes to their best-selling WeedWipes Resin Remover, you will never have an excuse for a dirty smoking device again. Say good-bye to resin, smudge and dirt for lest than 35 cents a clean! WEEDWIPES.COM

Veganic Special Sauce

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humans aren't the only ones going vegan. Inspired and created by scientists, Veganic Special Sauce's unique microbial blend was created to keep your plants healthy and vigorous. How so? Because you do not need to add anymore oxygen to your babies which means all the good species of bacteria have the ability to inoculate equally. Satisfied customers claim they...

Gentlemen Growing: Solution 3

Dubbed "The New Face of Growing," Gentlemen Growing, packaged like manly turn-of-the-century pharmacy products, was founded to "unleash your plants true potential." Their Solution 3 organic all-natural plant supplement works by jumpstarting your plants metabolism, which means your plants roots will now have sorta superpowers when it comes to slurping up all the nutrients from the soil. The result?...

CannaChar (Formula 1)

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ElementC6, Inc. had a mission when they started their company: Bring sustainable, results-driven agricultural innovations to commercial and consumer growers. Their new CannaChar is just that. By mining what the ancient Brazilians of the Amazon did over 2,000 years ago—adding carbon to the ground soil— CannaChar claims to "dramatically enhance the size and quality of your plants." In addition,...


Wanna get a grip on your garden? Well, C-bites do that—and more! You no longer have to worry about the effects of gravity with these simple and durable gardening grips as they clip onto your plants branches keeping them from wilting—no more searching for tie-offs or having to cut your lines. C-BITE.COM

Smart Pot

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Looking for the perfect container for your plants? Well, the folks at Smart Pot wanna help. Their new soft-sided, fabric container has the special talents of aerating and air-pruning your babies...which means they will be lovingly free of insects and diseases. SMARTPOTS.COM

House of Jane’s Brew

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A house of gourmet cannabis-infused coffee and teas, HOJ's products have been wowing dispensaries in California with its smart packaging, great taste and responsible dosing. Whether you are medium roast person or a cappuccino connoisseur, HOJ's blend of high grade Co2 cannabis oil and organic coffee beans will give your morning the right jolt. HO-- -- USEOFJANE.COM

Get Mellows Handcrafted Marshmellows

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Marshmellows might be thought of as just for kids, but these 12-piece boxed low dosage treats–brown butter sage, cookies & cream, orange dreamsicle, peanut butter pretzel, S'mores, strawberry shortcake—are strictly adult fare. The perfect bite-sized gifts for your sweetie. Safe, sexy, and savory! GETMELLOWS.COM

Lifted Elevated Edibles

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Priding itself on making savory and medically-sound morsels, Lifted's Pineapple Delight Bites received second place for Best Edible at High Times 2015 NorCal Cup. Made with fried pineapples and dusted nuts with hash-infused coconut oil, these scrumptious little truffle-like balls pack 100mg of THC in one large bite. LIFTEDEDIBLES.COM