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April 20

Waldos Forever Fest mg magazine

Verano BrandsRoute 66 Dispensary and DoStuff present the Waldos Forever Fest! The fest will unfold in Tulsa, providing a full day of music, education and fun for cannabis lovers – and anyone that loves a good time. From morning ‘til night, we’ll curate a cast of vendors, musicians, educators and – of course – a munchie food truck court.

Did you ever wonder why 4:20 is so significant to cannabis culture?

Rewind to the early 1970s, a group of ‘Waldos’ – or four high schoolers who regularly hung out by a wall – from San Rafael, CA, embarked on a failed treasure hunt for an abandoned cannabis plant. The Waldos set their meeting time for the hunt at 4:20, a random time in the sunny afternoon, but little did they know they would forever change the culture of cannabis.

Why 4:20? 4:20 gave, at the time, the ‘counter culture,’ a secret code to discuss cannabis use. Today, the term is now well known and accepted, as cannabis use has surpassed a counter-culture and is accepted by many humans in the present day as a healing plant for many.

We pay tribute to the Waldos for the significant strides they made for the acceptance of cannabis with Waldos Forever Fest 2019!

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