Dream Biggie: Iconic Rapper’s Son Launches Cannabis Brand

Biggie mg retailer e1555559782658
Biggie mg retailer e1555559782658

C.J. Wallace has big, or perhaps B.I.G. dreams. The son of one of hip hop’s greatest talents is launching Think Big, a cannabis brand with a line of products that will include vape oils, edibles, pre-rolls, apparel, and even stationery.

Wallace has made a name for himself as a successful actor with roles in “Everything Must Go” and the television series “Scream.” He also starred as his father in “Notorious,” a biopic covering the rise of The Notorious B.I.G.


Biggie was a known cannabis enthusiast and referenced the plant in some of his music including the song “Dead Wrong.” Wallace’s vision for Think BIG draws from his parent’s experience with cannabis as well as the CBD treatments that have helped his brother’s autism.

“Cannabis is something I’ve always been connected to, even at a young age,” Wallace told  Variety. According to Wallace, Think BIG was “born of a shared mission for social justice and a fundamental goal to herald in a new era where cannabis is no longer considered contraband, but a catalyst for creativity.”

A portion of Think BIG’s proceeds will be donated to the Prison Arts Project, an organization that provides resources and art experiences for inmates. Those who participate in the program are less likely to have disciplinary problems while incarcerated and are more likely to be successful upon parole according to the organization’s website. Wallace seems to have a keen interest in rethinking criminal rehabilitation and drew inspiration from his father’s journal entries while imprisoned for cannabis-related charges.

Think BIG will be working with noted marketer and photographer Willie Mack. Mack has seen cannabis improve the quality of life for AIDS patients. “We want to remove the stigma and the lies surrounding cannabis by having a larger conversation around what the plant has done, can do and how we should interact with it,” Mack told Variety.

Wallace is hoping to highlight a more balanced view of his father’s legacy. “All I heard growing up was the bad stuff… that he was a drug dealer, a gangsta rapper, a criminal. Now that I’ve grown older, I realize he was a father, a loving son, someone who cared about his friends, girlfriends, and wives. That’s what I want to honor.”