Forest Nymph Botanicals Product Preview

Forest Nymph Botanicals

It’s time to start the healing process with Forest Nymph Botanicals. The Santa Cruz, California, based topical and tincture producer is focused on delivering relief through the safest and cleanest channels possible.

Forest Nymph includes both sativa and indica strains in their products. The sativa strain used is Dream Queen, while the primary indica strain is ACDC. All of its cannabis is grown outdoors with natural sunlight and the elements. The company feels this creates a cleaner medicine. Forest Nymph utilizes the entire bud in order to maximize potency.


In addition to organic ingredients and natural sunlight, Forest Nymph offers health benefits through the use of tinctures and topicals. Tinctures can be ingested under the tongue with effects being noticed almost immediately. Topicals are applied directly to the skin. Both methods eliminate the need for ingesting smoke.

Forest Nymph has a line of products that address a wide range of ailments. There are specific tinctures to address sleep deprivation, chronic pain, and anxiety. The company has also developed a tincture that is specifically tailored to women’s health needs. But Forest Nymph isn’t only looking out for the ladies: In addition to pain relief and nerve calming creams, it also offers a male libido enhancer.

Forest Nymph Botanical products are available throughout California.