5 Great Infused Marijuana Products for September

Toast Cigarettes
Toast Cigarettes

Toast Slices Cannabis Cigarettes

Made with 100-percent all-natural cannabis wrapped inside pristine hemp paper replete with a purple filter at the end for a silky, consistent draw, the award-winning Slices come in jazzy, Art Deco-esque packs of ten.



Marijuana Infused ProductsBlooms Farms Rose Gold

Styled in a luxurious rose gold fi nish, the Rose Gold Highlighter vape pen is the latest release by the California-based company. From the pen’s signature metal mouthpiece to its newly designed battery, this high-gloss fashion accessory emphasizes both form and function.


Marijuana Infused ProductsKikoko Teas

Launched by a Kiwi and NoCal-er, Kikoko Teas compose a high-end, organic, infused tea line for the classy woman who likes to relax but not smoke. The teas come in a wide variety of exotic flavors—Lemongrass Mint, Hibiscus Cardamon Rose, Ginger Orange, Chamomile & Lemon Myrtle—and are water-soluble and toxin-free. Five percent of profits is donated to non-profit organizations that provide education about, and access to, cannabis medicine for sick children.


Marijuana Infused ProductsLaurie + MaryJane Brownie Truffle Bites

Serving the state of Oregon, the multiple-award-winning Laurie + MaryJane has been making high-end, dose-friendly, tasty edibles for more than three years. The dreamy Brownie Truffle Bites fuse the best of a fudge brownie with savory chocolate buttercream. Each bite contains 5mg THC.



Marijuana Infused ProductsSir Newton’s Black Cherry Craft Soda

Fresh from Arizona comes this cutting-edge, sugar-free, non-caffeinated tasty craft soda. The company’s other flavors include Kiwi Storm, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, and Mandarin. Each lab-tested 12 oz. can contains 100mg THC.


Infused Marijuana ProductsLegal Sativa Espresso Mocha

In September, Oregon’s will launchits all-natural, ready-to-drink sparkling tonics, beverages, and cold brews in California. The Sativa Espresso Mocha is an invigorating combination of organic cannabis, dark chocolate, and hearty espresso beans. Other flavors include Sparkling Pomegranate, Cranberry, Lemon Ginger, and Rainier Cherry.