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Employee Handbooks: A Guide for Cannabis Employers

For any business just getting started with employment policies and procedures, the prospect of drafting an employee handbook can be intimidating. Horror stories about...
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Green With Envy Over Greenlane’s Corporate Culture

According to Simon Sinek, corporate culture guru and author of Start With Why, “Your company doesn’t have a culture. It is culture.” With that...
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How 401(k)s Can Benefit Cannabis Company Employees and Employers

As the cannabis industry matures and companies grow, acquiring and retaining talent is becoming more competitive. To adapt, companies must adopt incentives employees seek,...
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Perks of the Trade: Employee Benefits in the Cannabis Industry

As more states legalize cannabis and the markets in legal states continue to mature, the industry is experiencing a commensurate rise in job postings...

Executive Profile: Meet Vangst Founder and CEO Karson Humiston

It’s appropriate Karson Humiston found a successful career in the cannabis world: She’s worked with grass since third grade, when she took on her...
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Know Thy Customer: Five Tips for Efficient, Effective Customer Service

AMONG the many things required to create a successful dispensary is knowing customers’ wants, needs, and medical issues. Consumers are unique individuals; each has...
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Investing in and Retaining Human Capital

In survey after survey, most business owners agree on one thing: Retaining the best employees ensures customer satisfaction, sales performance, and happy co-workers. If...
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Budtender Schools Educate, Motivate

Budtenders provide the first impression of a dispensary. They are a conduit of information and education and, like bartenders, they affect the bottom line....

Lowell Herb Company Advertises Jobs for Pardoned, Nonviolent Offenders

LOS ANGELES – Cannabis producer Lowell Herb Company has launched an initiative to offer jobs and other employment resources to recently pardoned, nonviolent offenders...

Organa Brands Makes Denver Post’s 2018 Top Workplaces

DENVER–Cannabis company Organa Brands this week was the first industry business to be named a 2018 Top Workplace by The Denver Post. “We are extremely...