5 Great Horticulture and Growing Products For April

Botanicare 4x8 Pallet Rack Tray 1 clip web
Botanicare 4x8 Pallet Rack Tray 1 clip web

Botanicare 4×8 Pallet Rack Tray

Utilizing racking for vertical propagation allows the cultivator to reduce footprint by up to 50 percent. Tray can sit flat on pallet-racking with a trough that hangs over the edge, collecting runoff directed toward the bulkhead recess to reduce standing water. Perfect for large-scale microgreen or propagation production. 93-inch length allows trays to be palletized vertically in quantities of thirty on a standard 40”x 48” pallet. Botanicare.com

Speedee Trim, growing, marijuana
Speedee Trim Cordless Trimmer

Speedee Trim Cordless Trimmer with Butterfly Blade

Dual-sided blade allows for multi-directional, high-volume manicuring. Forward-angled teeth are specifically engineered to maneuver around tight spots, giving the user full control of what is taken off the plant. Blade is best utilized on large, densely grown, freshly cut wet flowers. Cordless option best-utilized in remote locations. Weight: 1.21 lbs. Run Time: 80 minutes. SpeedeeTrim.com

Veg Bloom, growing, marijuana
Veg + Bloom HD

Veg+Bloom HD

Made with components from the Tap/Hard and Dirty formulas, H(ard)D(irty) is best for rock wool, grow stones, and other inert hydroponic media. The HD formula can yield quality results if smaller containers are used and pH is kept in range in the reservoir and within the root zone. For use with soft water. Hydroponic-Research.com

Colorado Extraction SprayVap, growing, products, marijuana
Colorado Extraction SprayVap

Colorado Extraction SprayVap

This continuous, closed-loop system utilizes falling film technology to quickly and efficiently separate liquids into two distinct streams: concentrated oil and purified solvent. Comprising four independently controlled systems (heating, cooling, feed, vacuum) with ethanol evaporation rates up to 68 liters per hour for the largest system and 24 LPH for the standard system. Capable of producing up to 20 pounds of dried material and 20 liters of solvent to oil in less than 1 hour. ColoradoExtraction.com

Spectrum King SK600, growing, products, marijuana
Spectrum King SK600

Spectrum King SK600 LED Grow Light

650-watt patent-pending full-spectrum LED grow light replaces 1000W-1200W dual-ended bulbs, saving more than 43 percent on energy use. Dual warranty guarantees 90 percent or better light output for three years with regular use, plus five-year mechanical coverage on all parts and labor. SpectrumKingLED.com