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Foria Relief

Foria Pleasure was the first of its kind—sensual enhancement oil created for women, i.e. cannabis as a natural aphrodisiac. Now, Foria Relief offers pain...
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Cheeba Chews Chocolate Taffy

Dubbed "America's favorite edible" by High Times, Cheeba Chews is proud of its reputation as an edibles company that inspires confidence in consumers. The Chocolate...
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Growthstar Scorpion 5x 240W COB LED Grow Light

Everybody desires to increase his or her harvests in less time, right? Well, the good folks at COB Grow Lights understand this—and then some....

Scrogger P Scrog Pro System

Scaffolding for plants that require a second-tier support screen, the P SCROG Pro System comes with a 24-inch base with channel lock, telescoping rods,...
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Dabsolute Concentrate Pen

Made in America with superior craftsmanship and materials (surgical stainless steel), the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen will never break if used properly, machinists at the...


German avant-gardiste Markus Storz of Storz-Bickel has developed vaporizers since 1996—he filed a patent for the removable valve balloon of the Volcano inhaler—so the...
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The Medtainer

Widely known as the first patented airtight, watertight, and smell-proof container with a built-in grinder, The Medtainer holds flower with style and fun. The...
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Awakened Topicals

Developed after a surfing accident and an allergic reaction to painkillers left the company's founder in contact pain, Awakened's topical are made with three...
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Chocowaska Cannabis Hemp Milk

Your mom called; she wants to know if you have been drinking your Waska milk. Made from strain-blending sustainably cultivated Mendocino cannabis (Glue Monster,...
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FireFly 2

Ready, set, glow! The original Firefly launched in 2012 and was widely praised. Firefly 2 is more handsome and functional inside and out. Available...