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Cannabis Apps: What Are You Waiting For?

As the legal cannabis industry matures, best practices and industry standards also are evolving, including on the digital marketing, mobile apps, and the software...
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Entering the Digital Marketplace In Marijuana Business

Properly managing a digital presence is important for your marijuana business. One of the interesting things about the cannabis business is that so few of...
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The High Road to Cannabis Payment

As the legalization of cannabis production and distribution gains ground nationally, the glaring need for banking, billing and payment processing reform becomes increasingly apparent. Federal...

HomeGrown Turns Grey Market Experience Into Green

Homegrown Sat Down With Us to Share Their View From Washington State As the cannabis business begins to take shape and companies start competing for...

Green-Theory: Concrete, Bamboo & All-Natural Comfort

Founded on October 6th of 2014, Green-Theory has capitalized on the allure and the organically polished feel its designers have been able to create with...

MyDX Brings Cannabis Lab Testing to the Masses

MyDx responding to the industry demand for testing. Large grows have access to state-of-the-art labs charging hundreds of dollars per to validate the heritage and...