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Why California’s Green Rush Is a Patchwork, Down-Home Affair

State officials in Sacramento are supposed to have their new regulations for medical and adult-use in place by January 2018. But don’t count on...
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Is Cannabis the New Darling of the California Governor’s Race?

Now that California voters have shown a healthy appetite for cannabis, guess which garden commodity has arrived center stage for the 2018 governor’s race? That’s...
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California’s New Cannabis Landscape and How Different Counties Are Navigating It

After 103 years of conditional prohibitions and almost two million arrests, California has joined the growing list of states to liberalize their statutes and...
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Prop. 64 Passage Looks Good…Maybe

Sacramento has a special way of keeping score: votes and dollars. With the November election looming, the state capital is fixated on dollars—especially when...
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Sacramento Insider: Legislation Update on Proposition 64

The adult-use initiative, Proposition 64 on the November ballot, is swallowing most of the oxygen around the state capitol. But inside the building, California legislators...
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California Lawmakers Punt Pot’s Future to Activists

At least 120 people in Sacramento—eighty members of the State Assembly and forty state senators—no doubt are relieved to see the adult-use cannabis initiative...
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Nevada County Cultivation Word Play; What’s In A Name?

California political leaders have become remarkably bipartisan in their support for new laws to regulate cannabis. Bringing the product into the sunshine after decades...
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Lori Ajax On Listening Tour in California

Every newly appointed, senior level public official in California knows the first chore after signing the employment contract is a listening tour. North to south,...
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Asset Seizure; The Mother Of All Bills. Prop D Detour

Imagine what your friendly neighborhood Republicans would say if they knew that government seizure of private property occurred without due process. They would be outraged....
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Travis Allen Adds To Barrage Of CA Marijuana Bills

California State Assemblyman, Travis Allen, and other legislators add to a barrage of bills, cottage grows, bong bans, and Tribal Lands Reservations. Now comes the...