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Kevin Frender is chief science officer and chief technology officer at Black Dog Grow Technologies. He has been growing indoors with artificial light for more than 35 years, using every commercially available lighting technology along the way. He also starts plants indoors for his summer outdoor garden every year and has decades of experience with hardening-off seedlings for transplantation outdoors. Combined with a vast knowledge of plants and a penchant for science, Frender is an expert in the field of lighting.

Plant-Optimized Light Spectrums Maximize Growth, Quality, and Yield

Cannabis cultivators must manage a multitude of working components within their gardens. To ensure the most bountiful harvests, each aspect of the grow must...

Using the Right Light Spectrum Can Eliminate Outdoor Transplant Shock

Farmers starting hemp inside before transplanting to fields generally need to use artificial light. What they may not realize however is that transplantation success...