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Joe Ori has been a trial attorney for more than twenty years and was named an Illinois Super Lawyer for seven consecutive years. He founded what is now Angelini, Ori + Abate Law right out of law school, representing clients with catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases. In 2019, Ori turned his passion and advocacy for cannabis into a business, Michigan-based Six Labs.
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We Must Rebrand the Cannabis Industry to Achieve Legalization

Despite an increasing number of states legalizing cannabis, the plant retains a misleading and potentially dangerous reputation. The negative history, lingering stigma, and misconceptions...

It’s in Everyone’s Best Interest to Limit Cannabis Licenses

There is an 800-hundred-pound gorilla in the middle of a room filled with cannabis, confounding myriad stakeholders’ plans to revolutionize the industry, make significant...

Six Challenges the Cannabis Industry Needs to Solve

The cannabis industry is booming. People buy and use cannabis products in increasing numbers, and the country largely has accepted the substance. The future...