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Legalized Budzkill: Hurry Up and Wait!

Oh, and beware the Trump. In the wake of legal marijuana's big 2016 election victory, California cannabis fans are asking, How soon is now? The...

Humboldt County High-Five: 5 Fun Facts About HC

5 things to know about Humboldt County and its culture: 1) Big green in the Emerald Triangle Northern California’s Humboldt County, along with neighboring Mendocino and...
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High Finance: Cannabis Biz Accelerator Canopy Offers Budding Firms Big Bucks

What cannabis startup doesn't need $80,000? Well, now may be the time to get in line for a serious capital buzz by applying to...

McMarijuana: Over $1 Billion Sold in Colorado in 2016

The hits just keep on coming. And in a good way. CNN reports that Colorado has broken its own Rocky Mountain high record for...

Putting the “Up” in Up There: Is Canada Going to Pot?

Yes, it looks like Canada is literally going to pot. While there's no truth to the rumor that the Canadian national anthem is changing...

Rocky Mountain Why: Colorado Targets Home Pot Growers and Co-Op Greenhouses

Coloradans who want to grow their own marijuana will be jumping through more bureaucratic hoops. Apparently fearing a cannabis counteroffensive from the incoming Republican administration...

Trouble Brewing for Beer Sales in Western Recreational Marijuana States

If Bud's for you, beer may not be. That seems to be the upshot of a new report by the craft-brew biz focused website brewbound.com,...

Wizards of Weedcraft: Humboldt’s Finest Aims to Stay Local, Go Global

Cannabis farmers in Northern California are feeling good these days as the future cash king of legit agriculture moves from growing pains to growing...
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Who Lost Big (Besides Hillary Clinton) on Election Night? Big Pharma

In addition to the elevated mood of cannabis fans in the wake of the weedslide recreational pot victories in California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada during...

California’s Prop 64: How Will It Roll Out?

Many supporters of California's Proposition 64 legalizing recreational marijuana use have probably already sparked up in celebration of the measure's passing. But before you...