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DCMJ supporter Amanda hands out a free joint.1

9,000 Free Joints: the One Inauguration Day Protest That Brought People Together

Thousands of pre-rolled joints packed into mason jars, baggies and totes were ready for anyone 21 and over wanting a free joint at a...
war on drugs

Getting at the Root of the War on Drugs

As most cannabis business professionals know, the work on cannabis legalization continues to struggle in the shadow of the failed war on drugs. The belief...
MG End is Nigh

The End is Nigh for Federal Prohibition

According to capital insiders, the beginning of the end of prohibition has already begun. Colorado recently reported nearly $1 billion in marijuana sales during 2015....
shutterstock 300528803 e1464218044862

SEC: Help or Hindrance?

SEC regulators want to help the industry grow—but they are watching it carefully. The number of businesses going public in a specific industry usually marks...