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Aurora To Spend Marijuana Taxes On Helping Homeless

Could America's homeless population be saved with legal marijuana? Tax revenues from marijuana sales are already being used to upgrade and build new schools. Colorado’s third...

Is Florida Finally Flowering?

Florida is thought to be one of the illegal marijuana grow capitals of the United States. In 2011, it was reported that Florida led the...

Marijuana Arrests Show Lasting Impact Of War On Drugs

THE MASS ARRESTS linked to President Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs continues to display its influence on U.S. policy. Recently, an unreleased interview with Nixon aide,...

Immigration To U.S. For Medical Marijuana On the Rise

Immigration has been a hot button issue in the United States for years. As we approach the 2016 presidential election, the passion elicited from this...
small town

Legal Marijuana Could Bring New Life To Small Towns

There has long been a great divide between cosmopolitan cities and small town America. With traditional industries such as coal and manufacturing on the decline,...
cannabis soda

Drinking A Cannabis Soda Should Taste… Like A Soda

Named best cannabis soda of 2015 by Edibles List, Sprig is gaining attention from the cannabis industry. Sprig’s mission is to deliver a consistent beverage...

Legalization Put Marijuana Prices On The Decline

An increase in supply due to legalization seems to decrease prices for marijuana. Marijuana has existed mostly on the black market for the past century....

Dank Tank Is Helping Oils Roll Into The Modern Age

With so many new options to consume cannabis, Dank Tank is leading the way with their clean quality oils. As the appeal of cannabis increases,...

Walnut Industrial Tries For Energy Efficiency In OR

Keeping up with energy demands across the United States and the world is becoming extremely challenging. With more electronic devices than people, it is easy...
Yummi Karma, edibles, marijuana

Yummi Karma Aims To Satisfy Hunger For Normal Industry

“I want patients to walk in, see our products, and feel comfortable, like something you would see at the grocery store,” said Krystal Kitahara,...