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Angela Williams Barbary Coast

Tip Jar: Dispensing Medicine With Amelia Williams of Barbary Coast

“I got my medical recommendation right after high school,” said Amelia Williams, 21. “That opened my eyes to just how little I actually knew...
Day Dreamers Chocolates, mg, September, edibles, products

Day Dreamers Chocolates Dreams Big

“I don’t dream at night; I dream all day. I dream for a living.” —Steven Spielberg The makers of Day Dreamers Chocolates probably can relate...
marijuana consumption, news

More Americans Consume Marijuana as State Laws Change

The number of Americans that consume marijuana is on the rise. A new study by The Lancet Psychiatry publication indicates that a decreasing number of...

Lawmakers Consider Expanding New York Medical Marijuana

Authorities are seeking to double the number of companies that can legally produce marijuana in New York. A report was released this week by the...
California recreational marijuana

California Recreational Marijuana Could Be $6 Billion Industry

If voters pass Prop 64, California recreational marijuana could become a $6 billion industry by 2020. ArcView Market Research's report predicts that California recreational marijuana...
Cannabis Professional

Cannabis Professional Advancement Series Coming to Denver

The Cannabis Professional Advancement Series (CPAS) will be held on Friday, September 16, at the University of Denver. The event will include 9 lectures and...
Marijuana Taxes

Oregon Nets $25.5 Million in Marijuana Taxes for 2016

In the first half of 2016 Oregon has collected more in marijuana taxes than state officials predicted. The Oregon Department of Revenue is reporting that...

Missouri Prosecutors Trying to Stop Medical Marijuana

Missouri prosectors are are fighting to keep the state from becoming the 26th to legalize medical marijuana. Last week an affidavit was filed in Missouri...
marijuana arrests

Close to 500K Marijuana Arrests in California Over the Past Decade

A recent report by the Drug Policy Alliance found that there were approximately 500,000 arrests for marijuana in California from 2006-2015. The report highlighted several...
South Dakota

South Dakota Father Frustrated Over Slow Medical Marijuana Progress

A father in South Dakota is not happy with the latest failed effort to legalize medical marijuana in the state. George Hendrickson's son Eli has...