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california voters

California Voters Deal With Marijuana Issues At Polls

California Voters went to the polls yesterday and there were more decisions to be made other than whether or not to support Donald Trump,...

CO Law School Districts To Adopt Med Marijuana Policy

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed a bill requiring districts to develop a medical marijuana policy on school grounds. The law will only allow students who...

Quinnipiac Poll Shows Majority Support For Marijuana

A new Quinnipiac poll released today shows that a majority of Americans support the legalization of recreational marijuana. The Quinnipiac poll questioned 1561 registered voters...
medical marijuana taxes

CA Lawmakers To Hike Medical Marijuana Taxes

Lawmakers in California have decided to move forward on raising medical marijuana taxes. Yesterday, the California State Assembly voted 60-12 in favor of SB 987....

Recreational Sales Of Edibles Start In Oregon Today

Today recreational marijuana dispensaries began selling infused edibles to customers in Oregon. Candy, brownies, cookies, and chips will only scratch the surface of the products...
new jersey

New Jersey Could Generate Big Money With Rec Marijuana

Legalizing marijuana in New Jersey produce about $300 million dollars per year in tax revenue. This is according to a new study released by the...
citizen task force

LA Citizen Task Force Reacts To Proposed Prop D Change

As MG reported earlier this week, the Los Angeles City Council is considering changes to Proposition D. The controversial law has been divisive among community...
Dana Rohrabacher

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Admits To Marijuana Use

Dana Rohrabacher Uses Medical Marijuana For Arthritis United States House Representative, Dana Rohrabacher (D-CA) is a member of the Republican party and serves California’s 48th congressional district....

MassRoots Denied Nasdaq Application

News, social interaction, and… even marijuana have been drastically altered in the information age. MassRoots is a social media platform targeted directly at marijuana connoisseurs....
bill bratton

NYPD’s Bill Bratton Makes Surprising Marijuana Remark

There has been a substantial decline in marijuana-related arrests in New York City. In a four-year span, marijuana arrests have dropped 67%. In 2015 alone,...