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Charlie Sheen Cannabis Vape Sheenius

Two and a Half Pounds? Charlie Sheen Joins the Cannabis Gold Rush

Charlie Sheen has been a part of the cannabis industry for years--in a way. Although strains bearing his name have been circulating for a...
Big Data Cannabis, BDS Analytics, Nielsen, Headset, Flowhub

‘Big Data’ Gets Bigger

Data will power the future of the cannabis industry. Two recent high-profile partnerships highlight the value of accurate consumer insight. In one, cannabis data analytics...
Canadian Cannabis Taxes THC

Canada to tax Cannabis Products Based on THC Content

Ottawa- Canadian authorities will be implementing a new system of assessing taxes on legal sales of cannabis edibles, topicals, and extracts. Instead of taxing cannabis...
increasing sales for dispensaries mg retailer

3 Unexpected Tips for Increasing the Bottom Line

The cannabis industry is becoming more competitive as new markets, companies, and innovations arrive. The industry was founded on outside-the-box thinking, and imagination and innovation...
Cannabis THC Infused super bowl treats mg retailer

5 THC Infused Goodies That are Perfect for the Super Bowl

The big game is almost here. If you are like most of us, snacks and treats are as big a deal as the game...
Terrapin Care Station 1 mg Retailer

Terrapin Care Station Is Learning From Its Own Experience

They say past is prologue, but does it have to be? Although the cannabis industry is relatively new, it has been around long enough...
Minnesota cannabis legalization mg retailer

New Market Coming Online? Minn. Legislatures Introduce Cannabis Bills

MINNEAPOLIS- A new market for cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, and ancillary businesses could be opening up. Yesterday, bills were introduced in both chambers of the Minnesota legislature...
Valentine's Day cannabis products mg retailer

4 Infused Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Customers Will Want

Valentine's Day is a holiday where expressions of love are not only encouraged, they are expected. But the apple of our eyes vary from person...
Gov. Tom Wolf mg retailer

Recreational Sales Coming Online in Pennsylvania? Gov. Wolf Opens the Door

HARRISBURG, Pa.- Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf seems open to the idea of legalizing recreational cannabis sales in Pennsylvania. Gov. Wolf is seeking a "conversation" with voters...
Purple Line Media Team

Purple Line Media’s Strategic Approach: Half Rebel, Half Remodeler

Many cannabis entrepreneurs take pride in bucking traditions of the mainstream business world. Sometimes, though, it’s better to tweak a norm than outright defy...