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Moon Made Farms mg magazine

Overcoming Stigma: Sun-Grown Farmers Are Spreading Their Wings

Ever visit a sushi restaurant and wonder whether the “red snapper” on the menu might be tilapia grown on a fish farm in parts...
SXSW 2019 Tim Seymour Kevin Murphy John Boehner mg Magazine

SXSWeed: Cannabis Track Tackles Big Issues

AUSTIN, Texas – For a festival that has its origins in local bands playing gigs at small clubs around town, South by Southwest (SXSW)...
Boveda 4 cannabis mg magazine

Boveda Is Perfecting Humidity, One Packet at a Time

Before the legal cannabis industry set up shop, buying weed was a hit-or-miss experience: One never could be sure about a strain’s identity, much...
Pheno Hunt mg magazine

The Cannabis Plant: an Unfolding Story in Genetics

For a plant humans have grown and transported around the world for thousands of years—utilizing its precious seeds, flowers, resin, and fibers in myriad...
Jardin store edit 2018 for sure final copy web MGmagazine

Putting on the Glitz: Cannabis Retail Adds Bling and Smarts to the Menu

When the Jardin cannabis dispensary opened in Las Vegas in 2016, discerning customers might have noticed something different about the weed shopping experience. Maybe...
Emerald Cup 2018 trophies Mike Rosati mg Magazine

A Cannabis Industry in Transition Blings Up The Emerald Cup

The steady drizzle of rain didn’t do much to deter thousands of enthusiasts and industry operators from attending 2018’s The Emerald Cup, the iconic...
HardCar Shoot  mg magazine

Hardcar Security Makes Transporting Cannabis and Cash Easier

Cannabis companies across the United States face many challenges in the age of legalization, but one of the biggest conundrums is what to do...
cann head 1194315088 web MG magazine

As the Cannabis Industry Grows, Legalization Begets Litigation

Historically,  the cannabis industry has been an unpredictable and dubious place to conduct business. When deals were negotiated in the black and gray markets,...
MG Mendo 618 Dolce Canapa 0118 web MG magazine

Too Much of a Good Thing: The West Coast is Swimming in Weed

The Dolce Canapa cannabis farm sits at the tippy-top of a mountain in Mendocino County, California, with stunning views that stretch for miles across...
SSI Cannabis Testing 1 web MGmagazine 1

Cannabis Analysis: The 7 Most Important Testing Procedures

When cannabis is intended for medical use, continual testing and monitoring of products is vital. Tests can help reduce the risk of contamination and...