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Man with a Plan: Berner Is Steering Cookies to International Prominence

Nearly ten years after its debut, iconic cannabis strain Cookies has spawned dozens of offspring that are star attractions on dispensary menus...

Jason White is Bringing a Corporate Mindset to the Cannabis Industry

With a distinguished career in marketing that has taken him across the globe, Jason White has seen it all and learned how...

Sisu Extracts: Turning Trim into Gold

In 2019, the vaping sector—including companies that specialize in oil extracts and cartridges—took a major reputational and financial hit in the wake of an...

Are Counterfeiters Targeting Your Cannabis Brand?

As cannabis legalization continues an inexorable march across the United States and more jurisdictions embrace adult use, a multi-billion-dollar question repeatedly surfaces:...

Playing by Al Harrington’s Rules

For all the talk about celebrity brands—Willie’s Reserve, Chong’s Choice, and Leafs by Snoop, to name a few—there is little evidence star-studded...

Executive Profile: Stephen Mueller, Founder and CEO of Mile High Labs

More than a few iconic technology companies were launched in Silicon Valley garages by scrappy tech geeks with a vision and some...

MJBizCon Day 2: Emerging Markets and the Regulatory Landscape

After having obtained a high-level view of the industry on MJBizCon's opening day, many attendees of day two were focused on drilling...

Banking on Financial Reform for the Cannabis Industry in 2020

For an industry that topped $10 billion in sales in 2018, it’s hard to believe cannabis companies still rely on bags of cash...
Codie Sanchez mg magazine cannabis news

Contrarian Investor Codie Sanchez Is a New Breed of Cannabis Disruptor

Codie Sanchez is on a mission. Or maybe a half-dozen missions, and most of them are intertwined with cannabis, a plant she...
Scales of Justice

Keeping the Pressure on Cannabis Social Justice Reform

There is no shortage of controversial topics in the cannabis industry, but the intertwined issues of social justice and social equity reside near the...