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Jeremy Jacobs Enlighten High-tech Country Boy mg Magazine

Enlighten’s Jeremy Jacobs: High-Tech Country Boy

Bowling Green, Kentucky, is steeped in history and Southern tradition. Mostly, the city of about 68,000 people is recognized as the home of Western...
cannabis product inventory illustration by ZinetroN mg Magazine

Study: Retailers, Consumers Out of Sync on Cannabis Product Inventory

The modern retail cannabis store is a work in progress. Even in mature markets, it’s often a guessing game for general managers as they...
Craig and Melanie Johnson Alpenglow Farms sustainable cannabis cultivation mg Magazine

Farmers Embrace Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation

Sustainable cannabis cultivation is one of the most complex, charged issues facing today’s industry. As the market continues to mature, companies need to consider...
Melanie and Craig Johnson of-Alpenglow Farms-Photo by Sam Armanino mg Magazine

Outdoor Cannabis Farms Face an Uncertain Future

There is little dispute the modern cannabis industry was born in Humboldt County, California. There is much dispute, however, about what the future holds...
How to leverage clever marketing tactics

Clever Marketing Tactics and How to Leverage Them

In the spring of 2017, Lowell Herb Co. made one of the first big viral media splashes in the cannabis industry when it announced...
Executives pointing to acquisition target by sutadimages mg Magazine

High Finance: What Makes a Good Acquisition Target?

The cannabis industry is unique in many ways, but it still follows the same basic template every new industry follows as it evolves through...
Ben Kovler CEO Green Thumb Industries Photo by -Josh Separzadeh for mg Magazine

The Man Behind Green Thumb Industries

When the first wave of cannabis entrepreneurs laid the foundation for the industry, there was no template for success or even survival. This is...
Managing cannabis cash flow TORWAISTUDIO mg Magazine mgretailer

Managing Cash Flow Cycles

An old friend of mine is a successful Silicon Valley investor and venture capitalist. When I recently asked him what he expects of the...
Socrates Rosenfeld Jane Technologies mg Magazine mgretailer

Socrates Rosenfeld Is Empowering the Supply Chain and Consumers

Compared to every other legal retail industry, shopping for cannabis products can be a confusing, frustrating experience for consumers, who must wade through ever-changing...
Buffalo Central Terminal Buffalo NY by Mike Rosati mg Magazine mgretailer

The Cannabis Industry Photography of Mike Rosati

Everyone remembers the first time they saw a copy of High Times on a magazine shelf, usually tucked somewhere between the adult magazines and...